How to Connect with Your Audience with Viral Content?

Every day, you scroll past (if not a thousand, at least a hundred) posts on the Internet. Most of them don’t grab your attention. But then, there are a few with the ability to stop you on your tracks. Have you ever wondered why? You can’t help but spend some time watching that video, admiring the image, or reading that blog post because they are just so entertaining and engrossing. It almost feels like you have found that one thing you have been yearning for. You also realize that you aren’t the only one to connect with that content, and millions have already viewed, liked, commented on, or shared it. Then, you stop to ask yourself, “What is my content lacking?”

What will make your content viral?

While it would once seem like luck made a piece of content viral, there are tried and tested ways that prove anybody can post an image, video, blog, or any content type and witness it capture all the attention. To do that, you must -

Stir Up Emotions: Undoubtedly, the first element you need to inject into your content is emotions. When it can excite, amuse, or inspire the audiences, you’ve hit the jackpot. People not only enjoy viewing it but also share it with their friends. Of course, negative content that arouses anger or anxiety receives plenty of shares too.

Trigger an Existing Feeling: Content that goes viral usually have clever triggers to hook the audience. It is similar to inducing emotions but using wits. For example, when Jack Snyder’s Justice League was set for a re-release, it was already trending. During that phase of global anticipation, almost any piece of content that was related to the film was going viral, especially when it mentioned something controversial or unimagined, like the unexpected appearance of the Martian Manhunter.

Be Authentic: In a world dominated by content, people are always looking for something genuine. If you can give them credible content they can trust, they will enjoy it and share it with others. You can achieve this by telling personal stories, like those trending on Facebook, where pet owners share their life with pets. The content’s authenticity rises when it is backed up by already trusted sources. Many companies these days hire social media influencers to add charm to their content. It does not just establish the content as genuine, but the influencer is more likely to share the same with their readers or viewers because they are part of it.

The process of making content viral is analogous to the idea of word-of-mouth marketing. The term “viral” is connected to social media because these platforms are where online content is shared the most. The power of viral content is connecting you to your audience without spending little to no money, and when people can relate to your content or find it exciting, they will make it viral without thinking.

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